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Memory Quilts are made of...MEMORIES! I have used sorority T-shirts and race competition bibs. Pictures may be applied to fabric, and incorporated into a quilt. These quilts provide a lasting memory for you or someone special to you.

For my daughter Emily, I took her grandmother's handkerchiefs and made a quilt with them...with machine quilting to add to the detail. Emily now has an special memento of her grandmother! (Come up with ideas like this for your own memory quilt!)

A huppa is the canopy used at many Jewish wedding ceremonies. The one pictured to the left was made from squares made by individual family members. I took their squares, sewed them together, and then machine quilted it all for exquisite detailing. I even supplied rods for it to hang on, and poles to carry it during the ceremony.

Queen-sized and full-sized cotton quilts are $575 (shams are $60). King-sized quilts are $650 (shams are $75). Flannel, corduroy, velveteen, and satin quilts are available at an additional charge. Prices on huppas will be discussed individually.

My quilts are machine-quilted.

 Visa/MasterCard orders are me at (802) 257-0262.

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